Discover the Science of Nature with Agrowcultural Organics

Agrowcultural Organics products harness the power of nature by providing essential elements and amino acids in their natural proportions. Instead of relying on nutrients from the soil, plants can now absorb these vital components directly through a simple spray application. Our solutions enable plants to concentrate on growth, blooming, and yield, ensuring their optimal health.

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Healthier Plants

Our products work by increasing the sugar content in plant cells, making them more resistant to drought, disease, and pests. High sugar content also allows plants to manage nutrients through their roots more effectively, leading to increased health and productivity.

Sweet Corn

When treated with a 2% GardenRx solution at the beginning of tasseling and seed development, sweet corn yields increased by 64% compared to untreated control plots and by 37% compared to those treated with artificial fertilizer (25 g/m2 34% ammonium nitrate before sowing; 10 g/m2 34% ammonium nitrate at blossoming). Furthermore, the corn's sugar content was enhanced, making it more flavorsome.


In a study conducted by the Faculty ofAgriculture at Gödöllő University, our GardenRx products (5 l/ha HU in 300 l ofwater) were applied at the 4-6 leaf stage and blooming stage. The treatmentincreased sunflower oil yields by 20%, attributed to increased seed mass andoil content. The treatments significantly improved all seed parameters.

SoillessPlant Growth

Agrowcultural Organics products have shown impressive results in soilless conditions where chemical fertilizers underperform. Our plant conditioner enables better nutrient utilization and improves plant resistance, resulting in a 20% yield increase and improved quality, according to research conducted by Kecskemét College of the University of Horticulture and Food Industry.


Our GardenRx treatment, consisting of 6 ml/m2 solution applied twice a week from the start of blossoming, combined with artificial fertilizers, resulted in a remarkable 60% yield growth in greenhouse tomatoes. Treated plants produced their first green beans 3-5 days earlier than untreated ones, providing a significant advantage in early-market spring vegetables.


Our GardenRx solution, combined with artificial fertilizers (45 g/m2 P before sowing, 40 g/m2 K, 5 g/m2 N, and 10 g/m2 N after full blossom), and applied in 1% and 2% concentrations, led to improved green bean yields, demonstrating the effectiveness of our products in various plant species.


In a study by Kecskemét College of the University of Horticulture and Food Industry, treating carnations with a 5% OrchidRx solution applied every two weeks resulted in increased flower yield per stem, larger and more vivid blooms, and a longer vase life, significantly increasing their market value.

Impressive Results with Agrowcultural Organics

Agrowcultural Organics has a proven track record of enhancing plant growth and yield across various plant species. Our products have been rigorously tested by renowned universities and colleges, showcasing the potential of our organic solutions